History of Bingo

When you hear “Bingo!” you know there’s a winner. Bingo is a famous game where you can win prizes and cash. A player who completes their card by matching it with the number drawn by the caller wins. Today, you can play Bingo both online and in land-based casinos. Bingo has simple rules, so it’s fun and exciting for you to play the game.  You can compete against other players by buying cards. The more cards you have, the bigger your chances are to hit the big prize. The Bingo patterns are different per session.

Bingo’s Beginnings in Italy 

Bingo’s history takes us back to an Italian lottery in 1530. Today, many people in Italy still play the game every Saturday. France had an interest in the game. after it was introduced during the late 1700s. Did you that Bingo was called in France as Le Lotto?

The wealthy Frenchmen. played Bingo during their past times. The excitement in France was surprising, so the Germans also played Bingo during the 1800s. But, the Germans had a different approach to it when they used it as children’s game. The Bingo game helped children to learn spelling, math, and history.

In the United States, Bingo is called Beano. Well, the game was a country fair game here.  A dealer chooses numbered discs that are in the cigar box. Then, the players would mark their cards using beans. The winner would shout beano, if they won.

Bingo and Lowe

During 1929, Bingo reached North America, and the game was termed as beano. The first Bingo game was held at Atlanta, Georgia. Edward S. Lowe, a New York salesman, overheard someone shout bingo instead of beano. Since then, he renamed the beano game into Bingo. Lowe hired math professor – Carl Leffler to build and increase the number of Bingo cards.

During 1930, there are 6,000 of Bingo cards that were available for players. The development of the number of cards prevented in non-repeating group numbers. It also avoids conflict when more than one winner would win Bingo.

Edward Lowe was a Jewish immigrant that came from Poland. His company not only produced Bingo cards but it also developed the Yahtzee game. He bought the game from a couple who were playing it on a yacht. In 1973, Lowe’s company was sold to the Milton Bradley for 26 million dollars.

The Church and Bingo Games  

A Pennsylvanian Catholic priest talked to Lowe about using the Bingo game to raise Church funds. Bingo played in Churches became very popular. During 1934, there are 10, 000 estimated games played per week to raise the church funds.

Despite the US ban for Bingo games, churches and non-profit organizations are allowed to host Bingo games for it raise enough funds for its activities.

Bingo’s popularity reached many casinos in the United States. New and old players visit the famous casinos in Las Vegas to enjoy and have fun. Here, you can buy different Bingo cards and have chances to win the game.  If you’re an enthusiastic Bingo player, the casinos and Bingo hall venues in Nevada are the right place for you to feel the excitement and have fun.

Casinos that are operated by the North American tribes and Nevada are one of the leading Bingo sites you can visit. There are also online casinos available here where players across the globe can visit. The casinos offer a fun and inviting gaming atmosphere you can enjoy.

People spent over 90 million dollars in Bingo games per week in North America. You can expect that the Bingo game would continue to prosper in the coming years. 

Bingo has also become popular in nursing homes for socialization and recreational therapy. Bingo games are easy to operate so that the volunteers in the nursing home have no trouble in supervising the elderly.  The residents would experience a great time playing Bingo.

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