Online Bingo Chat

Ok winning is nice! But lets talk about chat, as is the best part of online bingo! Players have a great time chatting to one another during online bingo chat games. Relationships are developed between players, and Chat Leaders join in the chat too.

Online bingo chat has generated a whole new language enabling players to chat instantly without having to write out long sentences. It’s also a great way for players to show encouragement and enthusiasm, and it builds a sense of community amongst online bingo players too.

Chat is constantly evolving. With cool additions like the unique chat sounds at online bingo sites, chat is taken to a whole new level! The sounds are activated when the terms are typed in to the chat window, and each chat sound is in a different voice. Correct spelling is important, however, as the sounds will not be activated if the chat terms are not spelt properly!

These are some of the frequently used online bingo chat terms:

  • 1TG – Only 1 To Go
  • 2TG – Only 2 To Go
  • 3TG – Only 3 To Go
  • AWESOME – Awesome
  • CARDS – Time To Buy Cards, Roomies
  • GIMME – Gimme Gimme
  • GLA – Good Luck All
  • HOUSE – House
  • LOL – Loud Laughter
  • LOVE – I Love This Place!
  • MAMAMIA – Spicy Meatball
  • MMM – Mmmmm
  • MONEY – Show Me The Money!!!
  • NT – I’m Nearly There
  • POT – Nice Pot
  • TERRIFIC – Terrific!
  • TY – Thank You
  • TYVM – Thank You Very Much
  • U2 – You Too
  • WD – Well Done
  • WIN – Nice Win
  • WONDERFUL – Wonderful
  • WTG – Way To Go!

Respect is important, so make sure you do not use offensive terms in online bingo chat games. Keep the atmosphere friendly and remember to greet your fellow players when you enter the chat game.

Remember: the main point of chat is to create a great environment for players!

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